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Approved MOT and service centre in Greenford

An MOT is arguably the most important process that any car owner will undergo. It is a legal requirement that any car has a valid MOT certificate if it is to be declared road-worthy. Motorfix is DVSA approved which means we can carry out MOT tests for all class 4 light commercial vehicles. Driving without this certification will leave you liable to a fine by the DVSA, as well as invalidating your insurance. This annual health check must be completed at least once a year. If your car is due an MOT, which will be the case if your current certificate is scheduled to expire within 28 days, book online. Motorfix offer class 4 MOTs, meaning that we can perform the service on any vehicle.

Excellent facilities for our customers

As we are a One Stop Car and Van Service, we want to ensure that your experience with us leaves you happy and stress free. We are proud to offer our customers a While U Wait service. This allows you to sit with a cup of coffee in our waiting room while we get to work on your vehicle. Alternatively, you can drop your vehicle off on our premises and pick it up as soon as the MOT has been completed.

What is an MOT?

An MOT is an annual health check of your vehicle that will ensure that your car or van is roadworthy. A thorough examination will be conducted that ensures that your engine, brakes, wheels and all other elements are in full working order, and your vehicle is safe to drive. The following parts of your vehicle will be checked during an MOT:

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MOT passes and repairs

Once the MOT is complete, your vehicle will either pass or fail. If your vehicle passes its MOT, you will receive a certificate that confirms that the car or van is roadworthy and reminds you when your next MOT is due. If you lose this, just let us know as we can issue a replacement for a small fee. If your vehicle fails its MOT, it will not be declared road-worthy. You can take it away from the garage, but it will otherwise be deemed illegal to drive, until the problems that led it to fail have been rectified. Failing to adhere to these regulations can result in a fine and three points on your license. You can appeal an MOT fail, but it can result in having to pay for a full retest.

How much will my MOT cost and how long will it take?

You will be offered an optional visual health check of your vehicle before the full examination begins at Motorfix. You can check out our prices by using the online booking tool and MOT checker. If your MOT reveals that work is required, we will notify you and discuss the costs that will be incurred for your approval before we commence work. Alternatively, we can agree on a price cap when you drop your vehicle off.

The average MOT takes around an hour and is completed onsite at Motorfix. We have a dedicated bay, especially for this purpose. You are welcome to remain with us in our waiting room while we complete the MOT, leave your vehicle with us, or we offer and collection and return service.

What is the difference between an MOT and a service?

A service is an interim measure that is recommended every six months or 6,000 miles driven to ensure your car remains roadworthy. It will typically involve a mechanic checking the engine, electrical feeds, brakes and tyres and fuel, and provide you with the opportunity to rectify any problems ahead of an MOT. You can save yourself money by booking a service and MOT together with Motorfix. Book online today to save money.

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