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Engine diagnostic testing and fault code reading in Greenford

Diagnostics are a hugely important part of any mechanic’s role, and those who ply their trade at Motorfix are no exception. Whenever we take on new staff we endeavour to find individuals skilled in the realm of diagnostics from previous employment. We promise that we will use all this ability and experience to discover the problem with your vehicle and discuss it with you. We provide quality car diagnostics and testing when it comes to problems with your car.

As every vehicle has dozens of lights on its dashboard, each of which are designed to make the driver aware of problems that warn of varying levels of severity, it is strongly advisable to have the issue diagnosed by a professional mechanic. An independent garage such as Motorfix can offer this service at a very reasonable cost.

Free visual health checks

Any client that books in an MOT, service or repair with Motorfix will be offered a free visual health check that will involve one of our skilled mechanics inspecting your vehicle and confirming that there are no immediate concerns surrounding the engine, brakes or other essential components. We also offer engine diagnostic tests, in which we will be able to identify the cause of any warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard. If you are not sure what is wrong with your vehicle, make an appointment with Motorfix and we will be able to investigate and pinpoint the problem for you in no time.

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What happens if more work is required?

If we find that further work is required following a health check or car diagnostics, involving any kind of dismantling of your vehicle for repair, we will discuss this with you and ensure you are fully aware of what is required before commencing. We will always be entirely honest and transparent surrounding any costs that may be incurred, and no work will be completed without customer approval. We will ensure that you completely understand exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, and how we intend to resolve the issue.

Specialist equipment and collection services

At Motorfix, we use specialist equipment to ensure accurate results every time. We want the best for our customers, and we want to help. Some of the technology we use includes; Launch, Snap On, and Star. These tools allow us to diagnose faults accurately and next to no room for misdiagnosis. The specialist equipment we use is universal – this means we can use it on all makes and models of all cars and light commercial vehicles. We also are proud to say we offer a collection service if you are concerned about driving your vehicle to our location in Greenford.

What vehicles can you provide diagnostics upon?

Our team are skilled and experienced in any and all manufacturers, which ensures that we are completely confident that we will be able to identify and resolve the problem that may be affecting your vehicle, regardless of the make and model.

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