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Air conditioning is an essential part of the 21st Century motoring experience. We are spending an increasing amount of time in our cars, and we deserve to be comfortable as we do so. Air conditioning in a vehicle should be serviced at least once every 24 months, and this one of the many things that we help our customers with at Motorfix. We provide air conditioning servicing, regals and repairs for customers in the Greenford and surrounding areas.

If you notice any problems with the air conditioning in your car or van, such as an absence of cold air, a strange and unwelcome smell or excessive condensation, contact us for a full air conditioning service on your vehicle.

Do I need air conditioning in my car?

It is not a legal requirement for a vehicle to have air conditioning to be declared roadworthy, so it’s down to personal choice. It’s strongly advisable on grounds of comfort and health and safety. However, a traffic jam on the motorway in the summer months, for example, can become stiflingly hot, and opening windows will just allow more hot air inside your vehicle. That is why we want to make sure that you have a well-working air conditioning system.

How does car air conditioning work?

A gas called a refrigerant powers air conditioning. Your vehicle is equipped with a compressor, which compresses this gas and turns it into a fluid. This fluid flows into a condenser, where it reacts with air and has all heat extracted. From here, an expansion valve reduces the pressure of the refrigerant and returns it to a gas state. It then moves it to an accumulator, which removes moisture from the air. Finally, the gas completes its journey in the evaporator, which is the part of the air conditioner that you can see from the driver’s seat. This is where cool air is blown out, creating a pleasant breeze. The process then begins again, until you switch off the air conditioner or the engine of your vehicle.

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Why do I need a service for my air conditioning?

It is worth noting that any car tends to lose around 10% of its refrigerant gas every year, which is why regular servicing is advised. At Motorfix, we suggest keeping your vehicle’s refrigerant gas topped up as this will enable the system to run more smoothly. Our team can also check to make sure it’s clean and from any dirt and dust that gets trapped in the system.

What’s involved in car air conditioning service?

We’ll give your vehicle’s air conditioning a complete review to ensure that it is running at maximum efficiency. We’ll refresh of all elements of the air conditioner, such refilling the refrigerant, refreshing the lubricant and recharging anything that may require such attention, and remove any trapped air or moisture. This will clear any leaks or blockages that are preventing your air conditioning from operating at maximum capacity, and ensure that you will no longer suffer on long commutes in warm weather.

What if the problem is more complicated and requires additional work?

Here at Motorfix, we will always be honest and upfront with you about any work that may be required. We have every faith that we will be able to diagnose a more complex operational issue if it arises, and we will discuss this with you so you can make an informed decision about how you may wish to proceed. Of course, the same policy applies if we discover a problem elsewhere within your vehicle whilst working on the air conditioning. Book online to find out prices and get your air conditioning fixed.

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