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Car body work is a substantial part of the job of our skilled team at Motorfix. A scratch, dent, scuff or rust can be unsightly and reduce the potential resale value of your vehicle. We can also help ensure that your car or van is restored to its former aesthetic glory in no time at all. You can even take a seat in our waiting room and enjoy a cup of coffee while our team gets to work as part of our while-you-wait service.

Why is it important to get scratches and dents removed?

You should never allow deep grooves, scratches or dents to remain on your vehicle indefinitely. While they may not cause any performance issues in the immediate aftermath of their appearance, they can act as gateways to rust on a car or van.

Rust can eventually lead to a decline in a vehicle’s load-bearing capabilities, in addition to drastically reducing the value of your car should you wish to sell or part-exchange it in the future. Bubbling paint is another warning sign that rust is forming beneath the surface of your car’s body paint. We recommend bringing your vehicle to us to inspect, as soon as you notice the symptom.

How can I minimise long-term car body damage?

Remember, you can minimise the risk of rust by keeping your vehicle in a garage wherever possible and avoiding exposure to rain and other elemental conditions.

A dent in your car’s bumper could also lead to a longer-term problem thanks to damage below the surface that you cannot see. If the metal or plastic on your vehicle’s bumper has flexed inward, this could lead to breakdowns or another kind of performance failure when you least expect it, and a significantly higher repair bill.

Do we sell the equipment?

Yes, like most garages we have a selection of spray paints, paint restoration kits, scratch repair kits, adhesives and primers that you can purchase and take away if this is your preference. Bear in mind that this is not advised if you have no experience in vehicle body work, and anything beyond a cosmetic surface-level marking should be investigated by a garage.

How do I know if a scratch requires professional attention?

Lightly run your finger over the scratch in question. Can you feel a groove? If so, this scratch is more than a mere surface-level aesthetic problem that can be buffed by a DIY vehicle enthusiast and should be brought to Motorfix for the attentions of our experts. We will have your car’s bodywork restored in no time at all, and your vehicle will once again be protected against the risk of rust and corrosion all for the very reasonable fee. We also perform colour matching on all vehicles that enter our garage, so you can be assured that your car will be looking as good as new once our team has finished with it, while we can also provide a similar service on buffing and repairing the appearance of alloy wheels.

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